1. How soon after my baby is born can I begin taking the stroller boot camp classes? And what if I have older children that don’t like to be in the stroller?
A: -You need to be 6 weeks postpartum to participate in the classes.
-Your kids are not required to stay in the stroller during the whole class. If they are older, they can go play on the playground, or we will have blankets set up so the younger ones can play together while we run around. Most of the time, I will be in one spot and keep an eye on any kids if I have you go for a quick run to the tree and back.

2. I am SO out of shape, will these classes be too hard for me? And I can’t stand running, will there be a lot of running?
A: – Everything seems to be a challenge right after you have a baby, but you will be amazed at how quickly you build back up your strength and endurance. Each class is designed to be a challenge, but also allows you to work at a pace that is comfortable for YOU.
– We do not base our class around running. The majority of the class is resistance training, with little bouts of cardio.

3. What can I expect a typically workout to include?
A: To allow all different fitness levels and to get the most out of our workouts in an hours time, the majority of our classes are done as a circuit format. There are multiple stations set up and there will be timed intervals at each station. Stations may include: push-ups, planks, squats/lunges, stability ball exercises, bosu ball exercises, band or dumbbell exercises and cone drills. Our goal is to keep you moving, while also building strength starting from your core on out.

4. How are Stroller Boot Camp classes different than other classes or just going to the gym?
A: There is something special about exercising outdoors in the fresh air. Not only are you enjoying the beautiful outdoors and reaping the benefits of all the fresh air, your child is as well! You don’t have to worry about all of the sticky machines filled with germs at the gym or leaving your child and paying for childcare while you workout. You can now show them from a very young age, just how important it is to exercise and lead an active lifestyle. I was amazed how much happier my 4 month old was for the rest of the day when we started our day with my Stroller Boot Camp class. Not only was she excited to get outside and watch Mommy exercise, 4 years later, she is still great friends with all of the babies she started class with! It’s not just a class, it’s a positive community of Moms wanting to live a positive and healthy lifestyle for themselves and pass that on to their children!

These classes are a little different than your typical boot camp class because they specialize in finding exercises you can do with your baby in hand or while they remain in the stroller. We work hard to focus our exercises on those Mommy problem areas and give suggestions on how to safely lose the right amount of weight while still maintaining your milk supply.

5. What type of stroller do I need?
A: You can use any type of stroller, but a jogging stroller is recommended. Our favorite stroller is the BOB Revolution. You can get a car seat attachment for most strollers, so your baby of only 6 weeks can be in a jogging stroller.

6. What should I wear to class?
A: The biggest piece of advice is, TWO sports bras! I found wearing a nursing sports bra under a super tight regular sports bra made a huge difference. Workout pants and either a nursing top or t-shirt works best. If you are still breastfeeding, you want to wear something that give you easy access in case you need to take a quick feeding break.

7. What happens if my baby starts crying in the middle of class?
A: This will happen to just about everyone at some point. I have exercises I can give you if you need to take the baby out of the stroller to soothe them, I have also been known to have a baby in each arm and singing silly songs to another, all while still teaching the class. So don’t worry about a crying baby, because there are ways to soothe them, while still being able to get your workout in at the same time.

8. Does it matter how old or how many kids I have with me?
A: There is no age limit to your children that you bring along. The older kids can help keep the younger ones happy and distracted or race along with us. The little ones can either stay in the stroller the whole time, or we can lay out a big blanket and let them explore from there.