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As a mother of two little ones myself, I understand the daily grind that is, “being mom.” It takes a lot of energy to give all day long. To be a mother means to be exhausted – physically, mentally, and at times emotionally. You want the best for your child, yet you sacrifice (or can’t find the time to do) the things that will make you happy. Are you foregoing getting back to your normal exercise routine because you can’t let the little one out of your sight? If you’ve ever had these feelings, then Stroller Boot Camp is for you – AND YOUR BABY! At Stroller Boot Camp our mission is to introduce a unique, functional, interactive and spirited mother-child fitness plan that will help you take care of the next most important person in your world – YOURSELF!

Unique Enjoy the beautiful outdoor locations at our local Santa Barbara/Goleta Parks. Our workouts utilize exercise equipment, along with the natural environment…paths, benches, grass, hills etc…

Functional A focus on balance and stability to provide functional strength in your daily routines. Strengthen the hamstrings, glutes, hips, abs and back to help you get through your days with style, grace, and confidence – look and feel better about being the SUPER MOM that you are!

Interactive and Spirited At SBC you will find a welcoming, supportive, and encouraging environment. Many of the exercises combine mother and child in coordination, in and out of the stroller. However, the level of involvement of your child is purely up to you! The great thing about SBC is the personal relationships that I get to build. Like I said, I understand what it is like to devote myself to the development of my child. Here, you can look forward to meeting new moms who share the same goals as you – get back in shape (lose that last bit of baby weight), restore that energy you thought you had lost, and enjoy the feeling of camaraderie as you and your baby embark on an exciting journey!